THE FFC partner of the holiday committee, the city of Janvry and the association of llamas and alpacas of France (AFLA) invites you to discover with a text by Bernard Faye this first International Camel Show and camElids.


  • Janvry was not just a demonstration of camel racing or Alpacas beauty contests organized by the French Camel Federation FFC and the association of alpacas and Lamas of France AFLA. It was not just an exhibition of various products around our favorite friends and coming from various countries where the camel is king (Oman, Chad, Niger, Morocco in particular). Certainly, these are the events that attracted the most visitors because there was no doubt to see, taste, smell, dream. Janvry was also “general public” conferences which made you want to hear… Beyond the institutional presentations (the French Camel Federation, the International Federation of Racing Camels and the International Camel Organization), we had right as well to a very complete panorama of the world of camelids on the planet, on all that one can draw from their milk, on what one knows of its genetics, as on the use that one can make little camelids when you walk on long-distance hiking trails, or even on the strange use of camel urine to cure the miseries of the world. Basically, everyone was able to find what they were looking for or discover what they did not know.

Le FAY ,02140 Thenailles


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