International camel and camelid show
Castle of Grosbois Greater Paris on 19 and 20 September 2020

The SIDC fair is postponed until spring 2021.

Dear professionals of the camelid sector,

Since the beginning of the year, the entire team of the French Federation of Camels has remained very mobilized to support you and offer you this springboard to promote our activities around camelids in France, Europe and internationally.
In order to allow the event to be held during this delicate period, we have multiplied the initiatives to ensure both individual and collective safety and to offer quality activities.
However, the latest developments in the situation have prompted many of our partners and exhibitors to change their positions on their participation. In accordance with the commitments we have made with them, we have decided to postpone the show until Spring 2021.

With the support of all of our partners and exhibitors, we will use this next year to prepare an even more inspiring and effective 2021 event!
We thank you for your understanding and hope that you will support us in this process.

We wish each of you a quick start in your activities.

See you soon,
The French Camel Federation team

The French Camel Federation organizes the second edition of the International Camel and Camelid Show on 19 and 20 September 2020 on a historic site in the Grosbois Grand Paris area.

100% Camelids from France and Europe! With its 16,000 visitors in 2019, the Show has established itself as the reference in the sector. Federating institutional and professional, the Show brings together amateurs, professionals, sportsmen and lovers of camelids.

The show offers visitors an International event entirely dedicated to camelids and French and European by-products, also promoting world cultures around livestock, food, scientific, veterinary, sports, tourist, cultural and training activities.


You are a professional, an amateur, an adult or child visitor!
This unusual show 15 km from Paris is for you:


- Historical conference under the dromedaries under Napoleon 3,

- Conference on the breeding of camelids (dromedary / camel / llama / alpaca)

- Camel and camel racing,

- Presentation of llamas and alpacas,

- Discovery of camel milk and its cosmetics,

- Discovery of wool, its camelids and its crafts,

- Professional animal films,

- Stands of associations and companies working in the field of camelids.

4 poles to visit

Site 1: the castle


Historical conference on French meharist companies under Napoleon III and the great French adventurers who used the dromedary in the 19th century

Site 2 the main track

Pole camel race for international camel competitions in Europe on September 20 and 21 at 11:30 a.m 


- Intercontinental camel racing jockeys cup
and camels,


- French Cup of camel racing jockeys,


–European Cup of camel and camel racing jockeys.

Site 3 le manege


Camelid, lecturer and culinary village


- Demonstrations of dromedary / camel presentations /

llamas / alpacas,

- Camelid enclosure allowing visitors to approach the animals,

- Presentation of films on camelids,

- Conference on breeding, care, feeding of camelids and distribution of films on breeding of camelids.

- Berber tent and Mongolian tent,

- Soft drink area

- Culinary area with Mongolia in the spotlight


Site 4 -the covered track


-Village of companies and associations


-File of camel derivatives (wool, crafts, milk, cosmetics, tourism, science),


-Stand wool (spinning contest),


-Animation and pedagogy,


-Pedagogical exhibition on the dromedary, workshops for the design and creation of cardboard dromedaries, skittles, outdoor games reserved for children,


-Children animation: design of small lamas and alpacas,


-In the grass area, games for children: manipulation of small camelids with professionals,


-Baptisms of the “Bosse” on camels intended for children from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on September 20 and 21, 2020









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Fort du soutien de l’ensemble de nos partenaires et exposants, nous allons utiliser cette prochaine année pour préparer un événement 2021 encore plus inspirant et efficace !
Nous vous remercions pour votre compréhension et espérons que vous nous soutiendrez dans cette démarche.

Nous souhaitons à chacun d'entre vous une relance rapide de vos activités.  

A très bientôt,
L’équipe de la Fédération Française des chameaux

Le FAY ,02140 Thenailles


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